Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zombies!! Well, just one anyway...

This was a video that John Lanier and I did way back in 82. No, actually it was in 2004?? It's seriously one of the most finished videos we ever did...even though there are no titles...and it doesn't really make any sense. Oh well.

The black screen at the beginning is not a mistake. That's where the titles are supposed to go - someday.

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CatfishMO said...

I posted my comments about this film at
but.. here is a clip from that post.

""I agree with pants. This video is much like the one at . However
I do believe their is an anti zombie overtone to this film. I think that it's time we all get got along!.. no more "zombies smell funny" .. or "zombies eated my grandma"...lets put the past behind us and move on to the great oneness that this world has so desired. I am not an antiZombite... so you shouldn't be one either... world peas!""

ok.. so it was pretty much the whole post.... The true just as to be said!

ok bye