Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Video Format

Hey all of you all. I am officially switching the video format on my blog from swf/mov to wmv. I know, you are so excited. The Windows Media Player works way better and it looks nicer too - as long as you don't mind it taking over your entire system.

Of course if you have anything besides WindowsXP it might not look good or even work. But that's all the more reason to upgrade your tired old compy. Seriously, you know it's sitting on the floor sucking up more dust bunnies than the vacuum cleaner. Dust = old. Time to make the plunge homecheese. has some refurbished computers for $99 that make your box look like an innertube trying to wrestle a paintbrush in sugar-free jelly.

I don't really know what that means. Act like you do, though.

1 comment:

sarajeancooksey said...

baby! you are the cutest ever. It's ok that I dont understand you I hardly ever do anyways when you say computer things. you are my favorite.