Thursday, December 21, 2006

We're Here

We finally made it to SEMO. Oh my dude what a trip. Flying from California to Missouri on 1.5 hrs of sleep is not advisable. Thankfully our trip went through Salt Lake City and not Denver or we would have been stranded at the airport.

4 am - Cab Ride
As my wife will surely attest: I am a big dork. Our cab showed up on time at 4am and asked where we were going. "The Airport" I answered - forgetting that we had called them to take us to the airport. "I know, I mean on your trip."

Why is it that all cabbies, no matter what city you are in, sound like they are from New York? Is that part of the job? That must be what the license is for, "(Frankie/Johnny/Mikey/Habib) is licensed to slur speech and drive in two lanes at the same time."

4:20 am - FAT = Fresno Air Terminal
Praise God that our tickets took us through Salt Lake City. The line for our check-in consisted of us and the guy waiting behind us. Every other line was jammed because they were all flying through Denver, which was socked-in and eventually closed - stranding lots-o-people in the process.

We waited until 5:30 (and Starbucks) to go through the check-in line. I had the distinct feeling that we were in some kind of surreal movie about the future where your freedoms are controlled by the state and even mock-complaining will get you thrown in jail. Oh wait, that's right now. I'm exaggerating - though it was a little scary - especially when I open my camera bag and it looks like nuclear bomb parts. "Sir, we're going to have to ask you to come with us while we put you in jail for the rest of your life."

6:30 am - plane takes off
Ok, it's been a billion years since I flew and after the security screening I was um, let's say, tense about this flight. Going fast down the runway was fun. "How fast are we going?", Sara asks. "I don't know, maybe 200.", is my guess. If anybody does know how fast it takes to get airborn please let me know so I can be smart for my wife next time. Make sure to convert the speed to "knots per hour" so I can sound extra smart.

Plane ride was a real stomache churner. Sara and I both were ready to hit the barf bags. So glad that we landed safely - and finally. Prayer works.

10: 30 am - Salt Lake City, Utah
Cold. 16 degrees. Very cold. Also, don't try to find your own way at Salt Lake. The signs have nothing to do with the actual locations of the gates. Ask, and quickly, because it's a longer walk than you expect.

Dramamine is the best thing ever. Second plane ride was nice and easy, even when it felt like we were on a roller coaster. My right ear never depressurized though. Do what?

2:00 pm - St Louis, Missouri
Yeah! we made it. Catfish and Johnboat picked us up and we drove another 1.5 hrs. Finally made it. So tired. Must sleep...

7:00 pm - Branding Iron (Pig)
Oh my dude! The food was awesome!!

5:30 am, 21st - Lanier House
apparently our house was burning down back home. Thanks to Howard all is well. Sorry big guy. You had to wake up anyway right?

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