Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm in your SEMO takin my vacationz

Welcome to SEMO. I know that Sara and I have made fun of this place in the past but, much like the nerdy kid you made fun of in school, you just need to get to know it for yourself.

Today Johnboat and I went to "work" for Catfish - which included jamming on the drums and guitars and checking emails and blogs. Oh, I designed a flyer too! Then we went to Cape Girardeau for eating lunches and looking at stuffs. It was pretty cool. I got to see the Mississippi River for the first time ever. It looks like a giant lake, except it's moving all the time. It makes you feel really small...and glad you haven't fallen into it.
Downtown Cape is really cool. They have stores and cars and streets and other holy things. There is a church on almost every corner - kind of like Starbucks in Fresno. We got some sodas and coffees and drove around and ate the sandwiches Brandi made for us. Mine was full of meat and cheese - my favorite!!

It's amazing that there was no graffitti. Big open walls everywhere. Some even still have their faded painted signs from a long ago era. We saw the building that General Grant stayed in for a little while. I hope he comes back someday, it would be nice to visit with him in his quarters.

Then we drove back and I got a picture of the mini Statue of Liberty...well, her backside anyway...Then we went to Radio Shack and back to the office so Catfish could, um, go pee.


CatfishMO said...

Like totally "p" as you say. It was the best.....

The sandwich was the best too. And running around with Jason in Missouri was the best too......
must play bass now.. .ok bye

CatfishMO said...

It looks like the statue of liberty Jr. is like going really fast cuz all the houses in the backrgound gots the motion blurs.