Friday, December 22, 2006

Smoking Non

Many years ago in California, when visiting a restaraunt, I can remember being asked if I wanted to sit in smoking or non-smoking. Considering that it was one building your location to the smoking "section" was irrelevant. But we felt better about our health. Now those days are long gone...or are they????

Here in Missouri you can "smoke em if you got em" - in the smoking section of course. Again, your location to the smoke matters not. The smoke is there and it's in the air...and most people don't care (I just busted a rhyme, yo). I used to smoke and am so glad that I stopped. And now it's hard to find smokers in California if you are a non-drinking, non-smoking, married Conservative Republican. We just don't do that anymore.

Well, today we went to the bombest chinese food place - smoking non. Actually it's called China Town Buffett but everyone calls it Smoking Non because that's what they ask you when you come in. Smoking Non or Smoking? Get it? Yeah, brilliant.

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