Monday, April 24, 2006

Ok, Bye.

John and Brandi, our two bestest friends in the whole world (and brother and sister), are moving to Jackson Missouri. How sorrowful am I? Well, I cried in front of about 100 people from church last Saturday while attempting to present them with a gift we all chipped in for. In reality I cry at pretty much everything - but still!!

It is a sad to think about them not being around but Sara and I know that God has some awesome things planned for them and the new church body they will now be a part of (Calvary Chapel Semo). We hope to be able to afford to drive out with them if finances are available. If not we are planning on visiting for Christmas.

Please be praying for their journey, protection and encouragement.

1 comment:

Brandel said...

now you have a new reason to cry....We are coming back...ahhhh!!