Sunday, September 04, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why I Want A #Hashtag Membership

If I had a membership to the #Hashtag I would definitely use it for good and not evil. Here are the top ten reasons why I think a membership would be cool.

10. You have to have a card or know the secret code to get through the door. People only use that kind of security to keep you away from cool stuff like nuclear bombs, aliens or Keyboard Cat.

9. You can write on the walls

8. The free music is somehow beamed in wirelessly from space.

7. Hello! Exposed brick!!

6. The shared conference room is an exact replica of the one on the Starship Enterprise (Original series). The chairs are rumored to actually be from the first episode.

5. You are sandwiched between the world’s best cup of coffee and a friggin cupcake shop!

4. Hello! Exposed concrete!!

3. Because the desks are all on wheels you could, theoretically, make one very long conference table. Will you look impressive shouting to your client from the opposite end while chilling in your Star Trek chair? No. But they will finally know what it feels like when they do this to you.

2. If I forget my anniversary I can just go next door to Twee and buy my wife something cool, like socks.

1. #Hashtag is always clean, well organized, looks very professional and has great lighting. My home office is dark, unorganized and basically looks destined for an episode of Hoarders (or Pickers, depending on your perspective). It would be nice to finally get away from the office that I use to get away from the office.


Tyler Penney said...

This is the most amazing thing I have read in a long time. Standing applause!

Anonymous said...

He deserves the free membership. Have fun.

Cherie said...

So funny :)