Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Write On My Email

Warning: This post contains the word Butt. If the word Butt offends you please do not read this post.

This was an email sent to me earlier today. Andrew is so not a girl's name so I know this is fake.

to: jasonleecooksey

I am female. I have a red hair with copper shimmering. My eyes is brown. I am not high. I have beautiful butt. My hair is long straight. I live in a big city. I work in banking. I like to watch shows. Representations in the circus. I like animals . I like desert. If you talk about me I am passionate. Most of all in men I value sense of humor. When I you noticed cinema. lightning agreed that should. Because I can be for you a unforgettable or someone great if you want. I'm write me on my e-mail.


sarajeancooksey said...

ok so Andrew is a woman? should I be jealous, sounds like he/she is really interested in you. i may need to beat him/her up!

Nina49a said...

Oh! I am dying! That is hysterical! Ahhhh!