Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yo Yo YO all y'all!

Last week before last I was in Newport Beach giving a talk to a group of guys about the Website I built for The VIP Card ( It was supposed to be informative, topical and of course witty. But as things turned out I never really had time to put my presentation together. So my informative was too informative, there were really too many topics for people to follow...and my witty was more twitty. Oh well. Jesus still loves me.

Ok, so in running all over the place to set up this thing and talk to those guys I had only a short time to rest between engagements...buuuuut instead of resting I made this video...this is tremendous proof for why we don't leave me alone in a hotel room for 5 minutes.


frogginqueen said...

KJ and I were craking up watching this, you still the consumat entertainer. You must keep sara in stitches. Oh and I think I finally figured out this stupid Blahhging thing. Maybe you can give me some tips next week?

craigp said...

and YOU want to be my Flash for Web guy? We will be watching. Looks like you had a lot of fun making this, but I am telling everyone the combination to your safe.

Brandi said...

Jason you crack me up. We all watched this at Rc's and laughed at how insane you are!