Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer is here. Dang.

Can you believe its already Summer? Time to break out the shorts and shave the cats. Oh wait, it's only May? "Hey, that's not a summer month" you say? I know. Welcome to Fresno. We do summer a little differently around these parts.

Summer in Fresno is not for the faint of heart, thin of skin or those made of ice or snow (your magic silk top hat is useless my friend). If you insist on living in Fresno during the Summer months (May to October) here are some useful tips to help beat the heat.

  1. Don't wear a sweater
  2. Use air conditioning
    • If you don't have air conditioning then you can put a wet towel on your head or wrap yourself in a wet sheet and stand in front of a big fan.
  3. Don't go outside
    • If you must go outside:
      • Get one of those sweet solar powered fan hats
      • Make sure your car is regularly parked in a garage, under a carport/tree or in a swimming pool because the inside temperatures of a motor vehicle in the sun can grow to almost 30% hotter than the outside temp. That's hot enough to make your own beef jerky. If you do make jerky I would like some. Especially if its Teriyaki. But regular type is ok too.
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Eat less spicy food
  6. Eat a dill pickle or drink pickle juice
    • Seriously this works!
  7. Keep your clothing in the freezer
Summer is a great time for barbecuing but you should remember to keep yourself in the shade while being a grill master. Also, it is not a good idea to bring the grill into the house. This will increase the temperature of your house and offset any cooling gained from your air conditioner or wet towel head.

I hope these tips helped to keep you cool. Please add your own tips in the comments section. Thanks!


Brandi said...

Jason your back!!!!! Thanks for more laughs. I totally needed that today. Oh and for the SWEET Fresno heat tips. What would we do with out you.....die of heat stroke for sure.

sarajeancooksey said...

what would I do without you? I was just about to roll our sweet BBQ (that my awesome hubby asembled all by himself) into the kithen, good thing you told me not to :)

i love you and you are crazy.

sarajeancooksey said...

oh btw. summers are truly longer because of where the earth is in it's orbit around the sun. so next time you think the summer feels longer than winter, it really actually IS longer.

Mighty Warrior said...

That's lame! So, Professor Science, when does the Summer get shorter?