Friday, September 26, 2008

Fresh Specs

Ok, so I found these sunglasses in a parking lot. And they were sweet. Black and blingy and they totally fit my head - it was love at first sight (after I washed them). But there was one problem (besides being dirty). They were woman's sunglasses. Whatever.

So, Sara made me get rid of them (I think Aunt Di got them) because, apparently I am fabulous - just not THAT fabulous.

Here's the video I made after I washed them. Its in a hotel room we were staying at for a wedding. I miss those glasses.


Brandel said...

1st: I love the glasses! I'm so jealous Auntie got them. I am so going to gank them from her. 2nd: You are fabulous, but that is pushing fabulous to far, so I agree with my sister. Sorry Jay
3rd: I love Shachah! That is a sweet song! oh and last but not least: you crack me up. I am so glad you found time to blog.

sista said...

Dude you ROCKED those shades!

sarajeancooksey said...

um well, I'm glad we got rid of them. It's a little embarrasing lounging by the pool while your husband is wearing women's sunglasses.

yes, Auntie Di got em, cause they had a D for Di and they didn't fit my head. they ran into my eyes or something. i dont really remember.

your insane, just fyi. but I do love you. even the insane you.

Mighty Warrior said...

I'm glad because even insane peoples need love.

Carrie Lynn said...

The made you look very girly... glad you listened to your wife and got rid of them! But it was great fun looking at your pic! LOL

ck said...

To my homey with da Blingy D stunna's,

I thought they were nice too. I wouldn't have made fun of you if I had seen you wearing them on the street....well...not to your face anyway.

Always remember..."Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Minnow!" Words to live by.