Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Record Cold Hits Fresno...and Runs Away

Ok, so its not very cold now but it was like freezing for 20 days in a row. Some kind of record. Max thought it was cold too. He rarely wears sweaters, let alone a "Youth on Fire" sweater. I think he looks pretty tough. I mean he was tough looking before but now he's like extra tough - like nupont fiber woven plastic tough.

When I was a kid I used to think that there was only freezing - like it doesn't get colder than freezing. Oh, stupid child. Where have the years gone?

During our "cold spell" it had been colder than freezing. Like -5 freezing. I don't know what that is in degrees. Oh wait, freezing is 32 so it's been like 32-5=28. 28. That doesn't sound very cold. I don't see what all the complaints are about. Maybe if we were on the metric system and they were like "It's going to be 0 again tonight" on the news people would take notice and do something about this "global colding" thing.

My brother and I used to listen to Bob and Doug McKenzie's "Great White North" album in the 80's. They explained the metric system pretty good. "Double it and add 30, eh." So if the temperature is 5 degrees then you double it and add 30. 40 degrees. Or if you have a 6 pack of soda then you double it - 12 - add 30 - 42. 42 metric sodas. Or something. My childhood was a long time ago.

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