Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last Night in Jackson

This is the last night we will be spending in Jackson, MO with John and Brandi. Tomorrow we will be driving up to St. Louis to stay the night before our flight back home. As you can see we are all packed and ready to go.

I really don't know what to say. My emotions are all wacked out right now. Probably from the estrogen in the Soy Milk we've been drinking. Mostly I feel sad. Sad to be leaving. Sad to be ending our vacation. Sad to be stuck in a midget-sized plane for 6 hours.

I'm excited to visit St. Louis but bummed that John and Brandi might not get to go with us. Oh yeah, John has a big rock stuck in his kidney. Poor guy has had a kidney stone since Christmas and has been drinking about 5 gallons of water a day to try to pass it (p.s. thanks for ruining Christmas). Please pray for him. I'm told it's more painful to pass a stone than to pass a child. Sometimes I pass things that hurt too so I feel your pain Johnboat.

Well, back to packing and crying and passing stuff, ok see ya.


CatfishMO said...

It is a sad day in Jeorb Nation, as sad as any day I have ever seen. Jason and Sara flying off into some unknown sky of a far off place. Might they return? May we be staring off into the evening sky someday and see the 2nd coming of Jason and Sara? Possibly returning in the same way whence they left? One in Jeorb Nation can only hope. As for the mighty John Boat.. he's down but not out. As one really smart person said... "this too will pass".


Jason and Sara leaving the Joerb Nation. Sad day indeed. How will life go on with all the laughs and scares and coffees and all that other stuff. Anyways, Okay bye.