Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Danged Quesadilla

Well, this blog is starting to look like all of my diaries, "...I really will write stuff in here this time..." I believe that most people who have time to blog daily aren't busy enough to actually have interesting things to say. So, basically, I don't write because my life is immensly interesting...and I'm busy. Don't be jealous.

Finally posted some sweet pics up here -> Click here for sweet photos. It's pretty much a few albums right now but there will be more later. I have so many pictures I don't know where to start. Be sure to check out the one of me and John L. crying. Dang I miss that guy!

Sara and I are all moved in to our house (John and Brandi's old one). We emptied two 5x10 storages and a two bedroom townhouse into it. Oh my dude we have a lot of stuff. Yar Sale!!

On Sunday I mowed the lawn. Nothing makes a guy feel more manly than getting an old Trimmer lawnmower (front rolling blades, metal bucket, tendancy to engage randomly and chop off hands) tearing up the turf. The Trimmer has this big rubber wheel on the back that can push the lawnmower for you. But there's no steering wheel so I can't drive it. Our lawn looks like a barber student cutting with clippers for the first time - it's mostly cut but patchy.

Ok, bye

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