Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy New Year(s)!!

New Year's resolution 1: Not let my hosting die

I failed to update the payment info on my hosting account and lost everything (about 7 Web sites PLUS the years of search rankings) when the expired credit card would not pay out. I have local copies of the HTML/CSS stuff but all the database-based stuff is lost...forever. Friends, learn from my mistake: back that stuff up. There are several ways to backup if you are using a WordPress site – check this out: Backing Up Your Database

New Year's Resolution 2: Update my personal site

Yes, the loss of is tragic but my site was getting pretty stale anyway. Now I have reason to refresh!

New Years Resolution 3: Update my portfolio

Tending to our portfolios often only becomes priority once we find ourselves suddenly unemployed. I'm going to tend to mine on a regular basis. I make cool stuff and everyone should see it!

New Years Resolution 4: Follow my dreams

I know, trite and cheesy. But I really mean it this year!

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