Saturday, September 04, 2010


School started two weeks ago and I am so stoked with this semester's class. They are all eager to learn and be Web designers as soon as possible. I am looking forward to seeing how far into Flash we will get!

Sara's internship search is going well. She is such a hard worker and I'm so proud of her! There is a possibility that she will get to work at the place that she really wants to (secret place, for now) so be praying for that opportunity to continue to open up.
"Dear Lord, please help Sara get the thing at that one place, amen."
I know once she gets in the door they will all fall in love with her and make her president of all the whole world...or something like that.

Spike, Cinnamon, Monkey and Stinky are all doing great. Well, Monkey has been losing weight like crazy - he's skeletal. I tried to ask him what his secret was and it turns out he has some kind of tumor ("It's not a tooomer", yes, actually, it is.). We give him medicine but it's hard to tell if it's working or not. He's still the same cat though, ruler (in his mind) of all the other animals. He and Spike will tag-team if there is ever any food left out on the counter; Monkey knocks it to the floor and then he and Spike dig in. Monkey is the instigator and Spike is the cleanup crew, eating the evidence - paper plate, sausage mcmuffin wrapper, etc.

As some of you already know, "Jason is less employed this month than he has been in previous months." But this time is shaping up to be a good learning experience and great opportunity! The learning experience has been to not put all your chickens in one basket. The great opportunity is that my business Zeromile Design is being resurrected and I am once again able to do the thing I really love to do - design and build Web sites!

I know God has great things ahead for us and we are just trying to trust Him. Does He really ask for anything more?


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