Monday, August 11, 2008

Trenton coming home

Trenton is on his way home now.

Early this morning Sara got a call from Jane that Trenton(our nephew, youngest son of John and Brandi) had a seizure and was on his way to the emergency room. Apparently Brandi had to administer CPR because she found him unresponsive with his eyes rolling back in his head. After much praying and waiting Trenton is doing well now and was released just a little while ago.

His brain scan came up negative (inconclusive - he has a brain it's just normal). Everything looked normal. They will now have to run some more tests. Please be praying for Trent and the Laniers and Fains. We saw God's faithfulness this morning.

I'm thankful that they were here and not still in Missouri.


Brandel said...

I am glad we were here also. God is so good!

Brandel said...

Thank you guys for coming and staying with us at the hospital. You guys are the Beesst!