Thursday, August 07, 2008

They're back, yo!

John and Brandi (and Jacob, Madison and Trenton) arrived back in Fresno tonight from their 2.5 year vacation in Missouri! Which proves my theory that Fresno is a giant black hole that nothing can escape from - not even light. We are all so excited to have them here and can't wait to return to our previous life of sleep-overs, tea parties and falling asleep to movies.

The kids have all grown so much! It seems like just yesterday that Jacob was barely tall enough to punch me in the jimmy - which he did often. Now he's so much bigger and more mature.

And Madison has totally come out of her shell and is quite a little social butterfly. She's going to have a full dance card before she knows it.

Of course little Trenton is still up to his old tricks...up in the same places. What is it with kids and shoving stuff up their, fingers and glow in the dark sticks?


Nina49a said...

Thanks for the pic update. hope y'all are having a blast.

Nina49a said...

Thanks for the pic update! Hope y'all are having a blast.

Nina49a said...

I think i just sent you the same comment twice....Oops! or Opps(like Brandi says)

Mighty Warrior said...

Yes, you did.

Mighty Warrior said...

Yes! You did!