Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Week 2008

This last week was my "birthday week", as Sara calls it. We did all my favorite things: Dinner at Casa Quintero, see a movie, go to Shakespeare in the Park, drive around looking for yard sales, breakfast at Bentley's, get Starbucks, see another movie, pay too much for literature at Barnes & Noble. It was the perfect week. The only way it could have been better would be if it was coated in gold and then dipped in chocolate.

It really helped me to forget that I turned 8,000 this year.

Thursday night we went to dinner at Casa Quintero (formerly La Casita). Hands down this is my favorite place to eat lunch and dinner. Everything is just sooo good. This is the same restaurant where the dreaded "cell phone incident" took place (see previous post titled "embarrassing my wife..."). I cleaned my plate and part of Sara's.

After Casa Quintero Sara took me to the one-day-and-time-only showing of the 1983 hit "War Games", with Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Apparently, they made a sequel and re-released the original to theatres hoping to gain some media buzz for their straight-to-dvd follow-up. I made Sara buy the tickets the day before and arrive a half an hour early to beat the "real fans."

There was no line. There were no nerds dressed up like 80's computers. 10 people, including us, were the only ones in the theatre. At least I had brought a girl and not my IT friends - who talked about VPNs and routers for 30 minutes before the movie started.
My wife must love me a very large amount.

Friday Sara surprised me with "Shakespeare in the Park". This has been something we've talked about doing for a long time but never got around 2 it. Basically, you sit outside in a chair and watch the play onstage in the park. Because we could hardly hear the sound it was more like a pantomime than a play. But it was a good pantomime.

The play was Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare. And I think it was about a girl (Viola) that's saved from a shipwreck and thinks her brother is dead so she dresses like a man (Cesario). Then her boss (Count Orsinio) makes her woo this lady (Olivia) that he is in love with. This is difficult for Cesario/Viola because he/she is in love with the Count. But Olivia falls in love with Viola, who's Cesario. Then her brother who she thought was dead comes back to life and looks just like Cesario and gets married to Olivia, who thinks she's marrying Cesario but is really Sebastian, Cesario/Viola's brother.

The final scene unfolds with everyone learning the truth and living happily ever after - even though Olivia and Sebastian had gotten married and were total strangers and the Count is somehow able to instantly fall in love with the man who was once his servant and is now a woman.

I've never watched the OC but this sounds like it could be one of the episodes. The best part was the guys in the row in front of us who had brought lawn chairs and made their wives sit in the little shorty chairs. The sound was horrible but at least Sara and I got to SEE the play. Husbands of the year.

I think I'd like to act in a play someday. My Mom sent me to acting school when I was a kid. I got to star in our play. I was the prince who saved the maiden from a dragon or something. I think there were lasers in it too.

On Saturday we got up early (9am) and went "Yard-Sailing". I love going to yard sales, especially when my wife is with me. Actually, I love doing anything when my wife is with me. We found a sweet yard sale that was in the back yard of the guy who has like tanks and armored cars. He's kind of into military stuff. I found a working LCD monitor for 5 bucks!. Then we found (Sara went online and mapped out all the good sales beforehand) an estate sale. Estate sales are nice because you have a better chance of buying something that was actually operational and useful. Most yard sales are a collection of junk that nobody wants anymore. "Does this work?" "Suuuuuure." We got some books and a super groovy(picture 60's Laugh-In) filing cabinet. We met the sons of the owner of the house - who reminded me of my brother and I. The one brother was making fun of the other brother for having a "groovy" filing cabinet. Sara got an original painting from Quito. I guess that's in Mexicoland. It's a painting of a mission. Now we both have obscure paintings of missions.

After that it was off to breakfast at Bentley's Bistro. If you live in Fresno Bentley's is a really nice place to have breakfast/lunch (I'm sure its nice for dinner too but we've never been). The food is fantastico, the atmosphere is very pleasant, and the service is pretty amazing. Make sure, though, that if you are paying by gift card that you bring enough cash for a tip - they can't put the tip on the gift card. How do you tell your waitress, who has just done a fantastic job of serving you, that you have no way to tip her? She got everything I could find in the seats, under the seats, in the ashtray and in Sara's purse. Embarrassing my wife, that's what I do!

After breakfast we went to the movies (again!) and saw "Dark Knight". Holy hot steamy ones, that movie was good. After the movies we spent some time at Barnes & Noble (not Nobles, as some say). I bought a Web Design magazine. Nerd. And then we went home.

End game.


sarajeancooksey said...

wow, I really do sound like an amazing wife from that post :)

Brandel said...

Yeah for Jason and his awesome bloging skills!!! I laughed...then I laughed some more! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I can't wait to see the filing cab. Sounds groovy. Oh and I love the wig!