Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bees Knees

About a week ago I went out to the back 40(feet) to feed Max and found a giant growth on the side of our carport. It was yellow and black and buzzing. Bee-Hive! (everybody dance, now). Yes, we have been chosen as this years residence for her royal highness, the Queen of Ourbackyardneehive, and her entourage of thousands.

At first I was freaked out. Then I was like, they're just bees! What can they do? Oh yeah, they sting and stuff. But they also do cool stuff too! Like, pollinate flowers, make honey, scare intruders(who disturb their hive), hang off your face like a beard. Bees are the coolest!

Unfortunately I have to walk past the bees to feed Max. I'm, like, risking my life for that dog. Here's the video of my ingenuous bee-abatement system.

I will post some pictures later.


Nina49a said...

WoW. You are just about the bravest person EVER!
GO Bees!

Brandel said...

Madison thinks your funny. She wants to know if you go "stinged".