Friday, October 06, 2006

John-Boat is another year older

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Ok, John Lanier is like the coolest guy I know. Everybody that meets him thinks so. Well, today is his birthday so I thought I'd write him a song. And then I made a video of the song. That's how these things are done.

Happy birthday John-Boat, we miss you.


John Lanier
Today is your birthday
John Lanier
Today you're another year, older

And its so nice to know
That you're still here,
even though you're in Semo Missouri

John Lanier
We miss you buddy oh yes we do
but it's still your birthday, happy birthday, oh yeah
Today you must be like 85 years old or something
I don't know maybe you're 25 or 26 or 27

John Lanier
Your Birthday is, here John Lanier
(We're so proud of you guy way to go!)
You made it through another year
John Lanier.

I think you're pretty cool man
I think you're probably the coolest guy I ever known, yeah
So why you in Missouri right now?
That makes me not as cool as you

I know Semo Missouri is a place but it's not on a map
Cuz' there's no place called Semo in real life
It's something you made up.

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Thank you for the birthday song.
That is the best gift a guy can get. Miss you brotha.